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          The project to develop a Web site that would  feature local sustainable development (SD) strategies and practices started in July 2000.  This project of the Philippine Sustainable Development Network Foundation, Inc. (PSDN), in cooperation with the Royal Netherlands Embassy, aims to showcase SD strategies that have been successfully implemented in local communities of the Philippines.  The objectives of the project are:
  • to develop a Web site that features sustainable development practices/strategies that have been implemented in local communities;
  • to facilitate technology transfer to other communities;
  • to set up a network of SD stakeholders; and
  • to provide a vehicle for promoting local products, services, and attractions for communities.

          Aptly called SDvillage.ph, the Web site was launched on 29 November 2000 in an event designed to promote it as the site that is "networking people. . . . building communities".  Stories are presented in a format that is user-friendly and encourages replication of the strategy/practice in an appropriate manner by communities not just in the Philippines but in other parts of the world as well.

The Project Team

Project Coordinator Ms. Zenaida M. Ugat
Assistant Coordinator Ms. Karina R. Discaya
Editor Ms. Amy M. Lecciones
Writer Ms. Zenaida M. Ugat
Webmaster Ms. Marissa Fernandez
Artist Ms. Ma. Cheryl Prudente
Systems Administrator Mr. James V. Jazmines
Researchers The Project Team

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