Youth-In-Action for Disaster Risk Preparedness and Reduction:
Resilience and Adaptation Strategies by the Youth - Laguna

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Our Goal

Disaster risks faced by the municipalities of Rizal, Pila and Mabitac of the province of Laguna are reduced through increased community participation and youth involvement.


  • create an venue where the provincial and municipal government can delegate disaster risk response and climate change adaptation actions to the youth sector and to other actors at the community-level;
  • involve the local governments, schools and other actors in Laguna in effectively engaging the youth in climate change adaptation, disaster risk response and other initiatives;
  • educate the youth on climate change and how this phenomenon may affect the province of Laguna and its wetlands, and how these problems can be avoided/ mitigated; and
  • empower the youth to take a more active role in disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation.


Components and Activities

Component 1
Team mobilization and other preparatory activities

Component 2
Conduct of Training of Trainors

Component 3
Conduct of Youth Ecological Camps

Component 4
Implementation of Pilot Projects/Activities

Awarding of Best Practice in DRR and CCAM by Youth

Component 5
Attendance of selected campers to the Youth Congress


The project employs transparent, inclusive, multi-sectoral and participatory approaches and focuses on the youth as the direct beneficiaries, with latent beneficiaries extending to the families, schools, and the local government units.

Project Sites

The project is implemented through the Disaster Preparedness and Response Programme of the World Food Programme in municipalities Pila, rizal and Mabitac) under the Growth and Graduation Stages in the province of Laguna.

WFP Project