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The event was a collaborative endeavour, bringing together a diverse group of stakeholders and sharing practices that work and research results on the current status of initiatives, issues and challenges in island development for resiliency and sustainability of the islands in the country and the Asia-Pacific region. The Conference aimed to:
1. describe the status of initiatives and practices that work on island resiliency and sustainability;
2. create a network or community of learners to share experineces, challenges, and effective interventions in mainstreaming climate adaptation and disaster risk reduction and management towards island resiliency and sustainability; and
3. formulate a policy/research agenda, and project collaborations in various interconnected and complex human ecological concerns among islands

plenary topics
1. Some Future Pathways for Human Ecology (Dr. Robert Dyball, Society for Human Ecology) - Keynote Speaker
2. Biodiversity in Small Islands (Atty. Roberto V. Oliva, ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity)
3. Linking your Way to Resiliency; The Del Carmen Experience (Mayor Alfredo M. Coro II, Del Carmen of Siargao Island)
4. Food Secutiry and Livelihood in Island Settings (Dr. Vicente V. Hilomen, Biodiversity Management Bureau)
5. Open and Distance e-Learning for Island Resiliency and Sustainability (Dr. Grace J. Alfonso, UP Open University)
6. The State of Our Islands: from Regional to Local in Search for Coral Reef Resilience (Ms. Deborah Cleland, Australian National University)
7. Policy-Research Linkage for Island Resilience and Sustainability: a Human Ecological Perspective ( Dr. Francisco F. Fellizar, Jr., Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University)
parallel session topics
1. Wetlands, Ecotourism and Biodiversity
2. Participatory Disaster Risk Management
3. Open Distance E-Learning
4. Nutrition and Human Ecology
5. Understanding Island Sustainability
6. Indigenous Knowledge and Resiliency among Island Communities
7. Community Resiliency
8. Food Secutiry and ODel

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