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The Organization
  present and past officers
members' gallery
  Christmas celebration
  pats and handshakes  
  Wetlands Caravan
  Launching of Wetlands Caravan  
  Wetlands Caravan - Laguna de Bay  
  Wetlands Caravan - TawiTawi Coast  
  Wetlands Caravan - Taal Lake  
  Wetlands Caravan - Island of Ticao  
  Wetlands Caravan - Candaba Wetlands  
  Wetlands Caravan - Agusan Marsh  
       Youth Ecological Camp for Agusan Marsh
     - Training of Trainors
       Youth Ecological Camp for Agusan Marsh  
       Community Forum for Agusan Marsh  
  Wetlands Caravan in Laguna (for Laguna de Bay )  
  Wetlands Caravan for Wetlands and Agriculture  
      - Symposium on Agriculture, Wetlands
      and Water - Finding the Right Balance
      - Symposium on Agriculture, Wetlands
      and Mariculture - Partners for Growth
  communication, education, participation and awareness (CEPA) on wetlands
        Candaba Wetlands Center
  Unveiling of Marker
Orientation-Briefing on the Wetlands and Candaba Swamp
Orientation-Seminar on Solid Wastes Management

Candaba Wetlands Center Design Competition

  Launching of Competition / Design Symposium "A Peek into Wetlands and Architecture"
Visit to the Project Site
Exhibit of Entries to the Competition at the World Wetlands Day
Exhibit of Entries to the Competition at the Haraya 2010
Final Judging of Ten Finalists
Awarding Ceremony
        Pasyal Ilog Pasig Design Competition
  Launching of Competition 
Symposium on "Environmental Concerns and Sustainability
       in Strategic Design and Planning"

Visits to the Project Site
Final Judging
Announcement and Awarding of Winners
     Top Ten Finalists
     Top Three Winners
  World Wetlands Day celebration
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  Asian Regional Workshop on the Management of Wetlands and East Asian - Australasian Flyway Sites
  participants, resource persons, organizers
  National Conference on Wetlands, Climate Change Adaptation and Biodiversity Conservation
  Conference Website
  post conference activities/ad hoc committee meetings
  Draft Action Plan on Freshwater Wetlands
Draft Action Plan on Coastal & Marine Wetlands
Draft Action Plan on Enabling Activities
Draft Action Plan on Wetlands Policy
photo gallery
  National Workshop to Formulate the Philippine National Wetlands
Communication, Education, Participation, Awareness (CEPA) Strategy and Action Plan

  National Report on Wetlands (preparation)
  Conservation of Laguna de Bay's Environment and Resources (CLEAR)
  Ecological Camping
Santa Rosa
Los Baños
San Pedro
San Pablo
  Gathering of Stakeholders
  1st Laguna de Bay Stakeholders Conference
Laguna de Bay: A Resource for Business Progress
Linking Communities Towards Lake Stewardship
  Developing Lumban Delta as an Eco-Tourism Site: A Design Competition
  Details of the Design Competition
  CLEAR Youth Network
  CLEAR Youth Network Forum
1st CLEAR Youth Network Congress
2nd CLEAR Youth Network Congress
3rd CLEAR Youth Network Congress
4th CLEAR Youth Network Congress
5th CLEAR Youth Network Congress
6th CLEAR Youth Network Congress
7th CLEAR Youth Network Congress
8th CLEAR Youth Network Congress
9th CLEAR Youth Network Congress
10th CLEAR Youth Network Congress
11th CLEAR Youth Network Congress
  Community Lake Monitoring Program
  Lake Forum Series

Formation of Lake Forum Steering Committee
Forum 1: Implementing the Environmental Users' Fee in the Laguna de Bay Region
Forum 2: Implementing the Environmental Users' Fee ..... A follow-up session
Forum 3: CLEAR Youth Network Forum
Forum 4: CLEAR Laguna de Bay Mapping on Environment -Related Initiatives

  Hosting of the Living Lakes Conference
  Living Lakes Conference Website
  Youth in Action for Disaster Risk Preparedness and Reduction:
Resilience and Adaptation Strategies by the Youth - for Laguna and Batangas
  Inception Meeting
Training of Trainors
Ecological Camp for the Youth of Mabitac
Ecological Camp for the Youth of Rizal
Ecological Camp for the Youth of Pila
  Inception Meeting
Training of Trainors 1
Training of Trainors 2
Ecological Camp for the Youth of Mataasnakahoy
Ecological Camp for the Youth of Balete
Ecological Camp for the Youth of Tingloy
  Youth in Action for Lake Conservation
  Launching of Project  
  Youth Ecological Camps

Taguig City
Muntinlupa City

  Community Lake Forum
Taguig City
Muntinlupa City
  Eco-Campers' Project
  Lugawan Para sa Lawa (Daloy)
Lonely River, Tayo ang Saver
Target Basura.. Bull's Eye!
ASAP (Ating Solusyunan ang Polusyon) sa Laguna de Bay
Munting Bata, Sasagip sa Lawa
activities undertaken - Angono
activities undertaken - Pateros
activities undertaken - Binangonan
activities undertaken - Taguig
activities undertaken - Muntinlupa
  Culmination of Project (Awarding of Best Practice)  
  Rehabilitation of Arayat Watershed for the Protection of Candaba Wetlands
  Activities for Phase 1
  Community Orientation/Forum
Training on Backyard Nursery
Learning Event on World Wetlands Day
Training on Establishment of Plantation Site and Maintenance
Tree-preneurs:      Backyard Nursery Group         Enrichment Plantation Group
TreeStore for Nursery Group
TreeStore for Punong Brigada
  Activities for Phase 2 (expansion)
  Community Forum/Project Orientation
Training on Social Entrepreneurship
      Training on Social Entrepreneurship - Planning for Eco-Tour Package
      Training on Social Entrepreneurship - Eco-Guiding Seminar
Training on Parataxonomy
Training on Parataxonomy - On-Site Lecture and Demonstration
Training on Nursery Development
Training on Rainforestation
TreeStore for Punong Brigada

TreeStore for Nursery Group
  Trekking in Mount Arayat
  Capacity Building for Wetlands Conservation

Launch and Orientation
Preparation and Organizational Profiling
Web Development and Management Training
Organizational Readiness
Field Exposure Trip 1
Project Development and Management Training
Resource Mobilization and Sustainability
     and Donors' Meeting
Communication and Sharing of Best Practices
Symposium and Culmination of the Project

  Activities in Coastal Areas of Tawi-Tawi
  World Wetlands Day celebration - 2014
World Wetlands Day celebration - 2013
World Wetlands Day / Forum on Healthy Wetlands, Healthy People
World Environment Day celebration - 2007
World Wetlands Day celebration -2007
Concert for Environment
Wetlands Caravan - Economic and Environmental Summit 2006
World Wetlands Day celebration - 2006
Fish Conservation Week celebration - 2005
World Environment Day celebration - 2004 / Ecological Camp
  ecological youth camp
  Youth Ecological Camp for Agusan Marsh
     - Training of Trainors
  Youth Ecological Camp for Agusan Marsh
  Naujan Lake Environmental Youth Camp
  Youth Ecological Camp for Lake Naujan
  Youth Ecological Camp - Lake Buhi
  Ecological Camp for the Youth of Tawi-Tawi
  Ecological Camp for the Youth of Talisay
  global environment celebration
  bird watching activities
  attendance and participation to various training, workshop, conference
  what are wetlands?
  what are peatlands?
  importance of wetlands
Philippine Wetlands
  wetlands in the Philippines
  Agusan Marsh Manila Bay Tubbataha Reef
  Lake Balanan Olango Island Lake Naujan
  Lake Buhi Paoay Lake Candaba Swamp
  Lake Duminagat Lake Sebu  
  Langaran River Lake Taal  
  Gallery of Wetlands in the Philippines
  wetlands of Candaba Lake Balanan
  Bongsanglay mangrove swamp Lake Barracuda
  Apo Island (1)     Apo Island (2) Lake Buhi
  Camiguin Island Lake Kaliraya (1)  / Lake Kaliraya (2)
  Coron Island (1)  Coron Island (2) Kayangan Lake
  Island of Olango Lake Naujan
  Ticao Island (1)  /  Ticao Island (2) Lake Taal
  Daranak Falls Cagayan River
  man-made pond at Ninoy Aquino Parks and
     Wildlife Nature Center
Pagsanjan River (1)  /  Pagsanjan River (2)
  shores of Dapitan Puerto Princesa Subterranean River
National Park
  rice fields Lumban Delta (1)/  Lumban Delta (2)
  Las Piñas-Parañaque coastal lagoon Caimpugan Peatland
    Agusan Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary
National Wetlands Action Plan
          PART I The State of Philippine Wetlands
          PART II Updating the 1993 National Wetlands Action Plan: The Process
          PART III The National Wetlands Action Plan for the Philippines (2011 - 2016)
  1993 National Wetlands Action Plan
Press Releases / News
  Celebrating World Wetlands Day - Exhibit at the House Senate on Wonders of Philippine Wetlands
  Celebrating World Wetlands Day - Coastal Clean-up and Nature Exposure Walk at LPPCHEA
  Learning Event on Mainstreaming Ecosystem-based Approaches to Disaster Risk Reduction
       and Climate Change Adaptation through the Conservation and Management . . . .
  Celebrating Mangrove Action Day at LPPCHEA
  Lazada Cares for our Wetlands: Celebrating Earth Day at Mount Arayat
  Celebrating Earth Day at LPPCHEA
  SCPW Recognized as World Water Day Awardee
  14th Living Lakes Conference in Nanchang, China
  Asia-Pacific Conference on Human Ecology of Island Resiliency and Sustainability
     Breakout Session 1A: Wetlands, Ecotourism and Biodiversity
  Forum on Resilient Foreshore Architecture - Strategies on Designing Coastal Cities
  Announcement and Awarding of Winners - Pasyal Ilog Design Competition
  Asian Regional Workshop on the Management of Wetlands and East Asian - Australian Flyway Sites
  Wetlands Caravan in Laguna
  Dance for the Trees, a fund-raising event for the Tree-Preneur Project
  SCPW Hosted a Testimonial Dinner for the Champions
  ASAPHIL-UP Awarded ASEAN Champions of Biodiversity - 3rd Place in Youth Category
  Youth from Binangonan and Pateros Got the Best Practice in Lake Conservation
     of Youth in Action for Lake Conservation
  Judging and Awarding for the Best Practice in Lake Conservation
     of Youth in Action for Lake Conservation
  Wetlands Society Receives Special Funding to Clean-up Laguna de Bay
  Marion Hammerl of Global Nature Fund received the Trophee de Femmes Prize
  The 2002 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species