Social Entrepreneurship
Eco-Trekking Activity at Mount Arayat

The Eco-Trek Activity was established as a social enterprise for additional livelihood of upland farmers in the area under the TreePreneur Project. At the Eco-guiding Seminar (Mountain Guide) conducted in June 2013 by the Department of Tourism upon the request of the SCPW, a number of Tree-Preneurs became certified trekking guides. 

The Maria Sinukuan Upland Farmers Association

The MSUFA belongs to a federation of about 600 members and has undertaken reforestation and other conservation efforts in Mt. Arayat National Park. Under the TreePreneur Project, the upland farmers were trained on how to establish and maintain backyard nurseries as well as how to tend plantation sites. Through this Project, they were also assisted to establish a social enterprise - the Eco-Trek at Mt. Arayat National Park.

You can contact MSUFA for trekking rates and other information. <+63 948 302 3645>


Trekking in Mt. Arayat National Park

The Majestic Mt. Arayat

Mount Arayat rises like a solitary giant over the central plains of Luzon. Long before it drew the attention of hikers and tourists, it was already popular for its myths. Legend has it that a fairy named Maria Sinukuan, lurks deep in the forests keeping an eye over the mountain and the surrounding villages.

Towering at 1,026 meters above sea level at its highest elevation, Mt. Arayat has three peaks: Pinnacle peak, South peak and the North peak being the highest. At the summit is a circular volcanic crater about 1.2 km in diameter.

Mt. Arayat was established as a Forest Reserve on 14 October 1921, and was proclaimed a National Park on 25 June 1933 under Presidential Proclamation No. 594. It is currently managed and supervised by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources - Protected Area Management Board since 2004.

Climbing Mt. Arayat

Climbing Mt. Arayat via Barangay San Juan BaƱo is the safest and most popular route. It is an intermediate climb that takes 6-8 hours. Moderate fitness and some climbing experience is needed to do the climb. The initial part of the climb passes through vegetable farms cultivated by the locals. This area is very much exposed and the vegetables may get thick. After around an hour of mild ascent, you will enter the forest of Mt. Arayat. From here the trails will be covered with large trees and you will be protected from the sun, although during the summer months, humidity is intense. The trails will also be a steep ascent until you reach the summit. After an hour of climbing you will reach the first view deck which is a small opening over a protruding rock in which a view of the Pampanga River can be seen. After another hour of climbing you will finally reach the summit. The summit does not offer a view but just five minutes walk from there will bring you to the Rockies. This is the best view deck boasting of nearly 360 degree view of the area. The same trail will be used for your descent.

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