Training of Trainors
on the Conduct of Youth Ecological Camp
27 June - 01 July 2016
JDM Transient & Restaurant
Tingloy Island, Batangas

      Ten (10) high school teachers from Tingloy National High School and Papaya National High School had successfully completed the 2-day Training of Trainors. This training aimed at developing skills of teachers and institutions in engaging the youth towards actions and initiatives relevant to wetlands, disaster risk reduction (DRR) and climate change adaptation and mitigation (CCAM), and other related issues in the project sites and to ensure that the youth will continuously have a pool of trainors who can pass on the learning to other sectors of the community.

      The Training of Trainors for Tingloy was composed of learning sessions about basic environmental concepts, DRR and CCAM, communication, experiential learning, and group dynamics among others.  Teachers were also trained on how to conduct activities such as the field exposure visits and action-planning workshops.

      As part of their practicum, the new teachers trainors were tasked to co-facilitate the conduct of Youth Ecological Camp for the Youth of Tingloy on 29 June to 01 July 2016 and to apply the knowledge and learning experiences they have gained in the training.


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