Chapter 2: Action Agenda


1.  Absence of national Policy Framework for the Sustainable Use of the Country's Freshwater Ecosystem 1.1  Formulate and adopt a policy framework for the sustainable use of the country's freshwater ecosystems taking into consideration the Philippine Biodiversity Country Study Report, the Philippine Strategy and Action Plan for Biological Diversity Conservation, the 1992 Philippine National Wetland Action Plan, and the Philippine Water Code Policy Framework for freshwater ecosystems formulated, adopted and operationalized 1997 DENR, DA, LGUs, NGOs, communities
a)  Conduct studies such as carrying capacity and economic valuation of lakes, rivers, and freshwater wetlands to support policy formulation process Studies conducted/completed 1997 DENR
b)  Identify and inventory watershed areas and other sources of potable water Memorandum of Agreement among concerned parties/entities forged 1997 - 1998 DENR, DA, MWSS, LGUs, LWUA, communities, LGUs, NGOs/POs
c)  Institutionalize/strengthen arrangements that would operationalize the freshwater ecosystems management approach
d)  Conduct massive information dissemination campaign on national and local programs
2.  Need to Harmonize Development Plans/Activities in Areas Affecting Freshwater Ecosystems Integrate development of water resources with the conservation of ecosystems that affect the water cycle
2.1  Formulate, adopt and implement a National Land Use Policy Appropriate/clean technologies promoted and adopted in freshwater systems 1997 NEDA, DA, DENR, DAR, HLURB, DENR, DA, LGUs, NGOs
2.2  Conserve natural ecosystems Areas identified and conserved 1997 - onwards
2.3  Restore degraded freshwater ecosystems Areas identified and restored 1997 - onwards
2.4  Protect the interface of water bodies and land by employing the buffer zone concept 1997 - 1998 DENR, LGUs
2.5  Include the cost and benefits of protecting watersheds, forests, wetlands and other key ecosystems in irrigation and other water supply projects 1999 - onwards NEDR, NIA, MWSS, NPC, PNOC, LGUs
2.6  Incorporate in the EIA of all water management projects cost-benefit analysis 1997 - 1998 DENR, MWSS, NPC, PNOC, LGUs
3.  Need to Institutionalize a Mechanism for Integrated Water Management 3.1  Establish/strengthen institutional cross-sectoral mechanisms for integrated water management Mechanisms for integrated water management institutionalized across sectors 1997 - 1998 DENR, LGUs, NEDA, NPC, PNOC, MWSS, NGOs
4.  Degradation of Water Quality and Freshwater Ecosystems 4.1  Adopt an ecosystem management approach in the protection and management of water resources and freshwater ecosystems 1997 - onwards DENR, LGUs, industries, NGOs
4.2  Protect freshwater living species by:
a)  controlling and monitoring water quality to allow for the sustainable development of inland fisheries; and 1997 -onwards DENR, LLDA, NGOs, LGUs
b)  protecting ecosystems from pollution and degradation for the development of freshwater aquaculture projects 1997 - onwards DENR, LLDA, NGOs, LGUs, farmers, industries
4.3  Conduct monitoring and surveillance of water resources and waters receiving wastes 1997 - onwards
a)  establish a network for the monitoring and continuous surveillance of waters receiving wastes and point and diffuse sources of pollution DENR, LLDA, LGUs, communities, industries, academe
b)  promote the application of EIA and GIS DENR
c)  conduct surveillance of pollution sources to improve compliance with standards and regulations Water system policy standards strictly adhered; water sources properly sited 1997 - onwards DENR, LGUs, communities, academe
d)  monitor the utilization of chemicals in agriculture that may have adverse effects on freshwater systems Bill certified to regulate use/extraction of water DENR, DA, FPA, NGOs, communities
e)  rationalize land use to prevent degradation, erosion and siltation of lakes and other water bodies
f)  regulate extraction of freshwater resources DENR
5.  Need for Water Resource Assessment 5.1  Establish appropriate frameworks including the legislative and regulatory arrangements and strengthen institutional capabilities to ensure the adequate assessment of water resources and the provision of flood and drought forecasting services Quantity and quality of water resources assessed on a regular basis 1997 - onwards DENR, NWRB, academe
5.2  Purchase appropriate water resources assessment (WRA) technologies suited to local needs WRA technologies appropriate to the needs of the Philippines (including methods for impact assessment of climate change on freshwater) promoted and adopted DENR, academe
5.3  Establish and maintain cooperation at the national level among the various agencies responsible for the collection, storage and analysis of hydrologic data DENR, DOST, PAGASA, NWRB, academe
5.4  Review, adoption and implementation of the Action Plan for Overall Water Resources Management Action Plan for Overall Water Resources Management adopted and implemented NWRB, DENR, NEDA, NIA, NPC, DILG, LGUs, other relevant agencies


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