Chapter 2: Action Agenda


1.  Efficiency & Capability in Urban Administration  1.1  Promote human development and capacity-building for urban ecosystem administration Relevant courses on urban planning and management conducted 2006 - 2025 DENR
Professional association on urban management sciences established 1996 - 1998 DENR
Urban management training programs conducted

Urban management professionals and technicians government officials, managers, planners and engineers in urban planning and management, and disaster/accident mitigation trained

1.2  Strengthen the capability of local government units with respect to devolved environmental management function Technical training and human resource development programs for LGU officials  and planners with emphasis on urban system management (implementation, enforcement, monitoring) conducted  2006 - 2025 DENR, LGUs
LGU officials and planners trained

Plan and protocol for negotiation with the LGUs formulated

1996 - 1998 DENR, LGUs
1.3  Strengthen the EIS System Process
a)  Review and amend DAO 21 (Implementing Rules and Regulations of PD 1586) DAO 21 amended 1996 - 1998 DENR-EMB/ERDB
b)  Formulate procedural guidelines on integrating EIA into planning (i.e. feasibility studies); revise review criteria to put emphasis on integration of EIA into plans, including health aspects Guidelines formulated and disseminated 1996 - 1998 DENR-EMB
c)  Formulate guidelines and standards for EIA review; and accredit EIA consulting firms and consultants Consulting firms/consultants accredited 1996 - 1998 DENR-EMB, private sector
1.4  Enhance data and technology management

a)  Study and revise the information exchange/dissemination schemes in all environmental sectors; develop data/information network

Effective scheme for information dissemination and exchange developed 1996 - 2025 DENR-ERDB/EMB/ Regional Offices
b)  Survey, analyze and revise existing technology transfer extension strategies in the environment and natural resources sectors Appropriate information and technologies identified for transfer and adoption, respectively 1999 - 2005 DENR-ERDB/EMB/ Regional Offices
c)  Study and integrate related information for dissemination and technologies for transfer 2006 -2025 DENR-ERDB/EMB/ Regional Offices
d)  Formulate a policy integrating technology transfer schemes in development projects of all sectors 1999 - 2005 DENR-ERDB/EMB/ Regional Offices
e)  Develop a system integrating and coordinating activities of all sectors involved in the implementation and enforcement of environmental policies/programs 2006 - 2025 DENR-ERDB/EMB/ Regional Offices
1.5  Update and revise environmental policies
a)  Monitor policy enforcement and processes (e.g. licenses, subsidies, policy documents and regulations); apply changes to facilitate monitoring and enforcement Monitoring  reports prepared 2006 - 2025 DENR-ERDB/EMB, LGUs
b)  Regularly review and analyze existing policies and formulate relevant amendments, as necessary Administrative orders, issuances amending existing policies formulated 2006 - 2025 DENR-ERDB/EMB, LGUs
1.6  Enhancing urban monitoring system capability
a)  Decentralize environmental monitoring and assessment Land-based and floating mobile laboratories installed 2006 - 2025 DENR, LGUs
b)  Upgrade environmental monitoring facilities and provide monitoring equipment for regional offices (land-based and floating mobile laboratories) Training on laboratory analysis and equipment operation conducted 2006 - 2025 DENR-EMB/Regional Offices
c)  Conduct training on laboratory analysis and equipment operation 2006 - 2025 DENR
d)  Develop a system of accreditation and recognition of private and academic laboratories to complement the laboratory services of the government 1996 - 1998 DENR, Academe, private sector
2.  Rapid Urban Population Growth Promote population management and intermediate city development Urbanization policies and processes reviewed to identify environmental impacts and growth 1996 - 1998 DENR
Decentralization plan formulated based on the result of the review to facilitate development of small-scale economies outside urban centers 1996 - 2005 DENR, Academe
Social organizations promoted and environmentally-compatible activities initiated to create self-sustaining development and employment opportunities 2006 - 2025 DSWD, DENR, NGOs
Strong public information campaign launched to depict cascading effects of population increase into the lifestyle and economies of society 2006 - 2025 DENR, DOH, LGUs, Media
Mechanisms to mobilize resources for local initiatives on environmental quality improvement established 1996 - 1998  DENR, LGUs
3.  Human Settlement / Poor Living Condition 3.1  Improve human settlement management
a)  Accelerate baseline data sourcing generation including health status of communities Leading causes of morbidity, mortality and notifiable diseases identified 1996 - 1998 DENR, DOH, LGUs, NGOs
b)  Adopt city planning strategies to address social and environmental issues 1996 - 1998 DENR, LGUs, DSWD
c)  Develop mechanisms to upgrade or relocate existing slums and squatter settlements Adequate, affordable and socialized housing for the urban population provided 1996 - 1998 DENR, DSWD, DPWH, LGUs
d)  Update the National Urban Development and Housing Framework, and the Shelter Program 1996 - 2025 HLURB, HUDCC
e)  Establish a multi-sectoral national committee to monitor implementation of shelter Program Multi-Sectoral National Committee established 1996 - 1998
f)  Develop a national database on shelter and services Database on shelter and services developed 2006 - 2025 DENR-LMB/ERDB, LGUs
g)  Update the policies for the improvement of mechanisms for accessing land through accelerated subdivision, titling and registration 2006 - 2025
h)  Develop mechanisms for better access of the urban poor to financial institutions for low cost housing 2006 - 2025 DOF, NHMFC, NHA, NGOs, LGUs, private sector
i)  Develop community-based housing 2006 - 2025 NHMFC, NHA, NGOs, LGUs
4.  Uncontrolled Land Development or Conversion 4.1  Promote sustainable land use planning
a)  Review and update of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan and zoning ordinances 1996 - 1998 HLURB, DENR, DTI, LGUs
b)  Formulate Manual on Urban Environmental Area Management, EIA procedures for Local Area Land Use Plans 1996 - 1998 HLURB, DENR, DTI, LGUs
c)  Undertake ecoprofiling of Regional Growth Areas and zoning of industrial areas; and formulate Zoning Plan for industrialization in selected areas 2006 - 2025 HLURB, DENR, DTI, NAMRIA, LGUs
d)  Institutionalize modern land resource management techniques (e.g. GIS, satellite photography, remote sensing technology) 2006 - 2025 HLURB, DENR, DTI, NAMRIA, LGUs
e)  Promote relocation of existing industries in urban areas by providing incentives and enabling conditions 2006 - 2025 HLURB, DENR, LGUs
f)  Develop fiscal incentives and land use control measures 2006 - 2025 HLURB, DENR, LGUs
g)  Accelerate campaign to promote understanding of adverse consequences of unplanned settlements 2006 - 2025 HLURB, DENR, LGUs,NGOs, Media
5.  Management of Hazards, Disasters & Risks 5.1  Conduct geohazard survey and integrated risk management Integrated, effective and credible zonation maps produced
Baseline data for modeling and prediction purposes gathered and generated 2006 - 2025 DENR-EMB, NAMRIA, PHILVOLCS, Academe
Regional reconnaissance and geohazard surveys conducted; criteria in determining point and non-point causes of geohazards, and the appropriate measures in rehabilitating/managing geohazards formulated 2006 - 2025 DENR-EMB/Reginal Offices, NAMRIA, PHIVOLCS, Academe
Site-scientific geohazard surveys and multi-disciplinary risk assessment conducted and risk areas categorized in terms of geomorphic, biophysical, health and socio-economic characteristics 2006 - 2025 DENR-EMB/Reginal Offices, NAMRIA, PHIVOLCS, Academe
Geo-based Physical Framework Plan for geologically sensitive areas formulated 1996 - 1998 DENR-EMB/Reginal Offices, NAMRIA, PHIVOLCS, Academe
5.2  Strengthen management of disaster-prone areas Research and studies conducted on the nature, occurrence and impacts of natural disasters 2006 - 2025 DENR, PHIVOLCS
Pre-disaster planning and early warning system developed 1996 - 1998 DENR
Communities educated on hazardous situation 1996 - 1998 DENR, DECS, LGUs, Media
Training programs conducted for all sectors on responses to disasters 2006 - 2025 All Sectors
5.3  Strengthen industrial risk and accident management EIS system improved to include risk assessment 1999 - 2005 DENR, LGUs, Academe
Policy and procedures for the inventory of industrial sources of wastes, which pose risk to public health and environment, formulated 2006 - 2025 DENR, DTI, LGUs
Appropriate regulatory measures for environmentally sound collection and disposal of industrial wastes which pose risk to public health and environment developed and adopted 2006 - 2025 DENR, DTI, LGUs
Emergency Response Plan for industrial accidents formulated 1996 - 1998 DENR, LGUs, private sector
Emergency Response Centers established 1996 - 1998 DENR, LGUs, private sector
Occupational health and safety programs in industries enhanced 2006 - 2025 DENR, DOLE, NGOs, Industry sector
Training programs conducted on response to industrial accidents 2006 - 2025 DENR, DOLE, NGOs, Industry sector
5.4 Enhance control of international and national traffic of chemical and toxic substances Information exchange procedures with other countries on banned chemicals, regulated chemicals and criteria for control regulations developed 2006 - 2025 DENR, DOST, DND, DOH, DFA, DA, DOE
National policy on chemicals formulated 1996 - 2005 DENR, DOST, DND, DOH, DFA, DA, DOE
Toxicological data on toxic chemicals for importation required from importers submitted 2006 - 2025 DENR, DOST, DND, DOH, DFA, DA, DOE
Policy on Prior Informed Consent on export and import of toxic chemicals adopted and enforced
Research and development of alternative chemicals undertaken 2006 - 2025 DENR, DOST, DND, DOH, DFA, DA, DOE
5.5  Strengthen management of hazardous wastes Short-term treatment, storage and disposal options for hazardous wastes presently practiced by the industries studied and assessed 1996 - 2005 DENR, DPWH, LGUs, MWSS
Contaminated sites identified / remediated / rehabilitated 2006 - 2025 DENR, DOH, DFA, DOST,LGUs
Labeling of hazardous wastes studied and standardized 1999 - 2005 DENR, DFA
Research and development on strategies for shipment of recyclable wastes undertaken 1999 - 2005 DFA, DENR, DOST, DOH
6.  Quality of Air / Pollution from Transport and Industry 6.1  Enhance air quality monitoring network Emission Control Program formulated 1996 - 2005 DENR
Central Station network and create fixed-site continuous monitoring stations and mobile laboratories established 1996 - 2005 DENR, LGUs, DOE
Technical advisory services on pollutants analysis, pollutant control, criteria and standard setting provided 1996 - 1998 DENR, LGUs, DOE
6.2  Develop / Innovate technology for air pollution Effective emission control strategies to reduce air pollution studied and identified 1996 - 2005 DENR, DOST, DOE, Academe
Technologies to improve the quality of air developed 2006 - 2025 DENR, DOE, BSWM, DOST
Environment quality standard for air pollution reviewed and revised 1996 - 1998 DENR, DOE
6.3  Promote sustainable transport systems in urban centers
a)  Intensify coordination with all concerned agencies for the phasing out of lead and the reduction of SOx emissions Unleaded gasoline used:
  -  in Metro manila
  -  nationwide

SOx content in diesel oil reduced to 0.05% 2000
b)  Stop the importation of second hand vehicles and engines; liberalize the importation of new vehicles and engines 1999 - 2005 DENR, DOTC, DTI, DFA
c)  Intensify enforcement of anti-smoke belching from motorized vehicles 1996 - 1998 DENR, DOTC, LGUs
d)  Intensify enforcement of inspection and monitoring 1996 - 1998 DENR, DOTC, LGUs
e)  Develop non-motorized transport modes (e.g. bicycles) 1999 - 2005 LGUs
f) Develop local monitoring equipment
g)  Improve quality of fuel for vehicles and power and improve fuel handling techniques
h)  Develop/Make available to shops equipment for inspection and monitoring
6.4  Promote energy-efficiency in industry Atmospheric emissions of GHG gases and substances reduced
a)  Conduct continuing research, development, transfer and use of improved energy-efficient technologies and practices 2006 - 2025 DENR, DOST, DOE, Industry Sector
b)  Provide fiscal incentives for the importation of components and local manufactures of non-conventional energy systems; provide accessible financing for renewable energy projects 2006 - 2025 DENR, LGUs DOH, private sector
c)  Intensify enforcement of the required energy audits for industries long term DENR, Industry Sector
6.5  Promote self-regulation by industry sector
a)  Formulate a protocol on negotiation with specific industry sector to resolve and agree on common objectives, targets and instruments MOAs with the industry sector in force 2000 DENR, Industry Sector
b)  Provide enabling conditions (e.g. market-based instruments, incentives and assistance) in the achievement of the agreed objectives 2006 - 2025 DENR
6.6  Implement the Industry and Environmental Support Program Research and development for environmental management in support of environmental standards and policy making undertaken 2006 - 2025 DENR
a)  Establish clearinghouse for training and technology linking Industrial Efficiency and Pollution Control (IEPC) by:
-  information exchange network in IEPC
-  trade standardization, testing
   and certification
-  development, implementation and
   monitoring of training courses for IEPC
Clearinghouse for training and technology established 2006 -2025 DENR, LGUs
b)  Review and analyze regularly existing policy on air pollution control; and formulate revisions and amendments Policies on air pollution control reviewed / revised/ amended 2006 - 2025 DENR, LGUs
6.7  Monitor air pollution control policy enforcement and processes; adopt changes to facilitate monitoring and enforcement Enforcement of air pollution control policies and processes monitored and revised 2006 - 2025 DENR, LGUs
7.  Quality of Water / Pollution from Domestic Wastes and Industrial Effluents 7.1  Intensify urban water protection efforts
a)  Conduct survey, profiling and study of each surface waters and its watershed; identify and establish databases on all bodies of water, stock assessment data, and formulate a master plan fro the management (rehabilitation, protection and conservation) of each body of water Water quality database for Manila Bay, Pasig River, Pan=mpanga River, Marilao and Meycauayan Rivers in Bulacan and Canac and Labac River Basins in Cavite established

Degraded urban surface waters rehabilitated

2006 - 2025 DENR, RRS, Academe
b)  Coordinate with other sectors in the implementation and monitoring of the Master Plan Plan/Feasibility study for the management of each of the above bodies of water formulated 2006 - 2025 GOs, NGOs, LGUs
c)  Review and analyze regularly existing policy on water pollution control; and formulate revision and amendments 2006 - 2025 DENR, LGUs
d)  Monitor policy on water pollution control enforcement and processes; adopt changes to facilitate monitoring and enforcement Pollution of urban waters reduced 2006 - 2025 DENR, LGUs
e)  Undertake research and development of appropriate methods for water pollution control Research and Development of water pollution control methods undertaken 1999 - 2005 DENR, DOST, Academe
f)  Study and implement effective monitoring of the compliance of pollution control standards in industries Small and medium-scale industries assisted in water treatment and recycling programs 2006 - 2025 DENR, Industry Sector
g)  Promote centralized wastes water treatment facilities for industrial zones 2006  - 2025 MWSS, DENR, DTI, Industry Sector
h)  Undertake research and development of efficient and clean technology to reduce industrial wastes 2006 -2025 DENR, DOST, Industry Sector
i)  Develop public awareness to promote ecological waste management activities, encourage community involvement in proper wastes disposal 2006 -2025 MWSS, NGOs, LGUs
j)  Promote the construction of common treatment facilities for domestic sewage 2006 -2025 DENR, DTI, Industry Sector
k) Relocate industries from urban watersheds 1996 - 2005 DENR, DTI
l)  Undertake research and development of environmentally-friendly alternatives for fertilizers and pesticides Alternatives for fertilizers and pesticides developed 2006 - 2025 DENR, DOST, DA, DOH, Academe
m)  Increase environmental awareness on organic farming techniques and indigenous farming system Organic farming techniques and indigenous farming system adopted by farmers 2006 -2025 DENR, DA, NGOs,  Academe,  communities
8.  Inadequate Urban Infrastructure for Basic Services (Water, Energy, Sewerage, Transport Systems and Solid Waste Management) 8.1  Promote integrated provision of environmental infrastructure Strong and independent national/local environmental management authorities  established 1996 - 1998 DENR, LGUs
Coordination of all government agencies in the management and implementation of urban infrastructure programs strengthened 2006 - 2025 DENR, DPWH, NPC, DOH, LGUs
8.2  Strengthen water supply and distribution system management Water Resources Master Plan formulated 1996 - 1998 NWRB, DENR, LGUs, MWSS, NPC
New sources of raw water studied and identified 2006 - 2025 NPC, MWSS, NIA, DENR, LGUs
a)  Expand the water supply distribution network; and upgrade existing facilities Adequate and affordable water supply provided to urban communities 2006 - 2025 MWSS, LWUA
b)  Reduce non-revenue water 2006 -2025 MWSS, LWUA
c)  Develop groundwater resources 2006 -2025 MWSS, LWUA
d)  Protect and rehabilitate watersheds and its buffer zones 2006 -2025 DENR, NPC, NGOs, LGUs, MWSS, communities
e)  Intensify information, education and communication campaign on water conservation 2006 - 2025 DECS, MWSS, LGUs, DENR, NGOs, Media
8.3  Strengthen energy management
a)  Study and formulate national/local action plans to develop or utilize renewable energy technologies; promote environmentally-friendly alternatives (e.g. solar, wind, biomass) 100% of energy demand of urban communities met 1999 - 2025 DENR, DOST, NPC, Academe
b)  Develop decentralized energy sources system 2006 - 2025 DENR, NPC, LGUs
c)  Study and develop new sources of  water for hydropower plants 2006 - 2025 MWSS, LGUs, DENR, NPC, NIA, LWUA
d)  Protect watersheds of water basins utilized for hydropower plants 2006 - 2025 MWSS, LGUs, DENR, NPC, NIA, LWUA
e)  Intensify information, education and communication campaign on energy conservation 2006 - 2025 DECS, DENR, NGOs, NPC, Media
f)  Rejects nuclear energy as policy option Removal of nuclear energy from all plans, programs, policies 1997 DOE, OP
8.4  Strengthen sewerage system management Adequate and efficient sewerage system provided including improved management of septage and construction of septage treatment plant 2006 - 2025 MWSS, LGUs
Existing sewerage facilities and piping system upgraded 2006 - 2025 MWSS, LGUs
Sewerage system to unsewered areas expanded 2006 - 2025 MWSS, LGUs
8.5  Strengthen solid waste management
a)  Generate baseline data/information on solid wastes; compile and review other SWM studies and situationers Baseline data on solid wastes generated and reviewed 2000 DENR, LGUs, NGOs
b)  Provide continuing technical assistance to other sectors Technical assistance on SWM provided 2006 - 2025 DENR
c)  Enhance the capacity of the local government units to provide the basic services for an effective solid waste management in terms of framework plan, guidelines, technical knowledge and facilities Cost-effective, acceptable garbage disposal system developed 2000 DENR
d)  Strengthen the capability (comprehensive training and seminar) of local government solid waste managers Comprehensive training and seminar to local government SW managers provided by 2005 DENR
e)  Define the roles and responsibilities of the local government units in the solid waste management in the city/municipality through Memorandum of Agreements (MOAs) MOAs forged and signed by 2005 DENR, LGUs
f)  Formulate a Solid Waste Management Master Plan and comprehensive manual on municipality/city SWM for local government units SWM Master Plan and manual formulated by 2005 DENR, LGUs
g)  Identify and develop sanitary landfill sites; formulate guidelines for local government units' preparation of EIA for their respective city/municipality sanitary landfill Sanitary landfill sites identified and developed 1999 - 2005 DENR, DOST, LGUs, communities
h)  Formulate a policy for the inclusion of waste management cost (particularly recycling) to the local government budgets 1996 - 1998 DENR, LGUs, DBM
i)  Formulate guidelines on private investments in solid waste management services by 2005 DENR, DTI, private sector
j) Develop public awareness program to promote ecological waste management activities such as waste reduction, recycling and composting 1999 - 2005 DENR, DECS, NGOs, communities
k)  Review the options and techniques for use and recycling of all forms of domestic solid wastes 1999 - 2005 DENR, NGOs
l)  Review and amend policies to include provision of incentives for waste reuse and recycling by 2005 DENR, LGUs
m)  Conduct auditing of the extent and practice of waste reuse and recycling operation currently undertaken by industries by 2005 DENR
n)  Survey and identify potential markets for recycled products by 2005 DENR, NGOs, private sector
o)  Establish a network with various sectors; conduct an inventory of all groups/entities involved in waste management; and map out their respective areas of influence by 2005 DENR, NGOs, POs
p)  Integrate solid waste management in the school curricula DENR, DECS
8.6  Improve the Urban Transport System Traffic management, operation of public transport, and maintenance of transport infrastructure improved 2006 - 2025 LGUs-MMDA, DPWH, DOTC, private sector
Mass transport systems established and road network improved 2006 - 2025 LGUs-MMDA, DPWH, DOTC, private sector


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