At the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in June 1992, a global plan of action for sustainable development was endorsed by over 179 countries. This blueprint of action, more popularly known as AGENDA 21, emphasizes the importance of environmentally sound technologies, education, public awareness and training in achieving the goals of sustainable development. AGENDA 21 also recognizes the importance of capacity building especially in developing countries in order that strategies for sustainable development could be implemented. Capacity building refers to "cooperation with developing countries that encourages them to develop human and organizational resources to plan and implement sustainable development."

At the Earth Summit, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) was given the leading role within the UN development system for capacity building. CAPACITY 21, an action plan to assist developing countries formulate economic, social and environmental goals, plans, programs and policies that would lead to sustainable development became UNDP's response to this challenge.

The Sustainable Development Networking Programme, or the SDNP is one of the concrete initiatives under the Global Agenda 21, specifically on Chapter 40 entitled "Information for Decision Making."

The SDNP is more than an information network. It embraces a whole spectrum of   processes and events that ultimately contributes to the formulation and implementation of sustainable development strategies. In linking sources and users of information, the SDNP employs both face-to-face meetings, electronic and other means of communications. In this manner, people become more active participants in the development process.

In the Philippines, the adopted configuration for a sustainable development network is that of a Foundation composed of organizations which are actively involved in the pursuit of sustainable development. This Foundation which is incorporated under the name PHILIPPINE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT NETWORK FOUNDATION, INC. (PSDN) is a non-stock, non-profit corporation registered at the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission on 03 May 1993.

PSDN is a non-stock, non profit corporation, composed of organization's which are actively involved in the pursuit of sustainable development.

It services a distinct group of individuals and organizations that are actively involved in the pursuit of sustainable development by providing easy access to information. The PSDN is an information technology systems integrator with services ranging from system design, provision of full internet access, Networking (LAN, Intranet) installation, training, creation of Home Pages, maintenance of Web Sites, and metadatabase.


To be the provider of services to improve information networking among advocates of sustainable development.


To facilitate the more efficient access, linkage and dissemination of information on sustainable development through technical enhancement employing simple, cost effective and replicable information technology/systems.


To provide easier, more affordable and rapid access of information to users in governmental, research and educational, non-governmental, and entrepreneurial organizations.

To develop simple, cost-effective and replicable information technology /systems that would enhance the capacity for information networking of individuals and organizations in sustainable development.

Dr. Ely Anthony Ouano Environmental Management Bureau
(Department of Environment and Natural Resources)

Ms. Ma. Dulce Cacha Foundation for Sustainable Development, Inc.

Engr. Francisco Arellano Philippine Institute for Chemical Engineers

Mr. Mario Feranil Philippine Institute for Development Studies

Mr. Ramon Sales Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement

Dr.  Theresa Mundita Lim Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau
(Department of Environment and Natural Resources)

Dr. Marian de los Angeles Resources, Environment and Economics Center for Studies , Inc.

Dr. Arsenio M. Balisacan Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization -
Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture

Dr. Ma. Victoria Espaldon School for Environmental Science and Management
(University of the Philippines - Los Baņos, Laguna)

Dr. Ben S. Malayang III Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands

Ms. Nileema Noble United Nations Development Programme



Chairman and President   Ms. Ma. Dulce M. Cacha(FSDI)
Vice President Dr. Ma. Victoria Espaldon (UP-SESAM)
Secretary Mr. Ramon Sales (PRRM)
Treasurer Engr. Francisco Arellano (PICHE)
Auditor Dr. Marian de los Angeles (REECS)


Executive Director   Ms. Amy M. Lecciones
Program Officer Ms. Zenaida M. Ugat
System Administrator Mr. James V. Jazmines
Asst. System Administrator Mr. Neal Robles
Clerk/Messenger Ms. Shirley G. Cuevas