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10th CLEAR Youth Network Congress


      The CLEAR Youth Network Congress is the annual gathering of the CLEAR Youth Network as represented by Eco-Camp graduates and their groups that were formed in the schools and/or communities as a result of the Camp.  The Congress is a venue not just for reporting accomplishments and planning of yearly activities - more importantly, it is a platform for learning so that the youth network will continuously be equipped with new knowledge and practice in lake conservation.

The 10th CLEAR Youth Network Congress was attended by fifteen (15) CYN groups from various cities/municipalities around Laguna de Bay: Muntinlupa, Taguig, Pateros, Tanay, Binangonan, Los Baños, Pangil/Siniloan, Lumban, San Pablo, San Pedro, Mabitac, Rizal, Pila and Morong. It was held on 5 - 6 December 2015 at the Sierra Madre Resort in Tanay, Rizal. 



      The 10th CLEAR Youth Network Congress, with the theme “The Youth as Champions of Wetlands”, endeavored to recognize the contribution of the Youth in wetland conservation.  It highlighted activities implemented by the Youth over the past 10 years since the CLEAR Youth Eco-Camp and the Design Competition started to appreciate how these experiences have influenced the mindsets of the young in their homes, schools and work environment.

Specific Objectives:

1 To establish how the Eco-Camps and the Design Competition influenced the youth in their homes, schools and work environment.

To provide a venue for the CLEAR Youth Network for the exchange of ideas, information practices and activities on how to raise awareness on wetlands conservation.







       This year’s congress was different from the past years because it celebrated the Youth and their accomplishments for the past ten years and paid tribute to the Coordinators whose efforts are invaluable to the success and staying power of the network. Exchanges of experiences and learning took place successfully with innovative ideas shared with all CYN groups. Over a decade, the growing number of the members of the network continuously doing actions for wetlands conservation branched out with more projects and activities that also aided multi-sectoral involvement and partnership in their schools and communities.

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Opening Program  
      Welcome Remarks
      and Objectives of the Congress

  Ms. Amy M. Lecciones
  Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands

      Message   Dr. J.R.Nereus Acosta
  Laguna Lake Development Authority
  (represented by: Mr. Jesus Ernesto Bayongan, Jr.)
           The Role of Youth in Wetland Conservation   Dr. Theresa Mundita S. Lim
  Biodiversity Management Bureau
  (represented by: Ms. Joy M. Navarro)
Youth Forum on Taking Action for Wetland Conservation
Sharing Session: The Youth as Champion of Wetlands
      Replicating the Youth Ecological Camp   Mr. Carl Vincent Olaya
  and Mr. Mark M. Oliveros
  CYN - Mabitac
      Wetland Centre Design Competition   Arch. Aaron M. Lecciones
  ASAPhil-UP Diliman / University of the Philippines - LB
      Sachet Recovery Project   Mr. Keno Moreno
  Friends of the Seven Lakes
      Viaje Kalikasan   Ms. Hidylene Mayo
  Department of Interior and Local Government
      - from an eco-camper   Ms. Chenelyn A. Esguerra (CYN-Pila)
      - from a college student   Mr. Jordan A. Revadulla (CYN-Muntinlupa City)
      - from a young professional   Ms. Maria Laiya De los Reyes
  PinoyME Foundation
      - from coordinators   all CYN coordinators
Recognition and Awarding of Wetland Champions   Outstanding CLEAR Youth Network Coordinators
  (see details >>)
      Presentation of talents and party   all CYN Groups
Planning Session / Coordinators Meeting   all CYN Coordinators (see details >>)
Poster Session   reporting of accomplishments / initiatives
Workshop: Formulation of Youth CEPA Action Plan on Wetland Conservation
Closing Program  
      Next steps   Ms. Amy M. Lecciones
  Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands
      Distribution of Certificates  

profile of  participants

1 Five (5) delegates from Taguig City; with one (1) coordinator from the Tipas National High School
2 Five (5) delegates from Pateros, Metro Manila; with one (1) coordinator from the local government of Pateros
3 Five (5) delegates from Binangonan, Rizal; with one (1) coordinator from the Rizal National Science High School
4 Four (4) delegates from Morong; with a coordinator from the local government of Morong
5 Six (6) delegates from Lumban; with two (2) coordinators from Lumban National High School and Philippine Long Distance Telephone
6 Five (5) delegates from Pangil/Siniloan, Laguna; with two (2) coordinators from Pangil and Siniloan National High School
7 Six (6) delegates from Muntinlupa City; with a coordinator from Pedro E. Diaz High School
8 Five (5) delegates from Los Baņos, Laguna; with one (1) coordinator from University of the Philippines - Los Baños
9 Three (3) delegates from San Pablo City; with two (2) coordinators from Academia de San Ignacio De Loyola
10 Five (5) delegates from Tanay; with two (2) coordinators from the local government of Tanay
11 Five (5) delegates from Mabitac; with one (1) coordinator from Paagahan National High School
12 Five (5) delegates from Pila; with a coordinator from Don Manuel Rivera Memorial National High School
13 Five (5) delegates from Rizal; with one (1) coordinator from Cristobal S. Conducto Memorial National High School
14 Four (4) delegates from San Pedro City; with one (1) coordinator from DYSD of San Pedro

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