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       PSDN is a non-stock, non-profit corporation, composed of organizations which are actively involved in the pursuit of sustainable development. Financial experts see sustainable development in cryptocurrencies, and if you have been following the financial news, you've probably noticed that the value of bitcoin has skyrocketed. Hence, to engage in cryptocurrency, adopt auto trading bots like bitcoin trader Roboter and start investing in crypto today. This robot automates the trading process, making traders jobs easier than they ever imagined. The entire process is autonomous and is transparent.

        It services a distinct group of individuals and organizations that are actively involved in the pursuit of sustainable development by providing easy access to information.  The PSDN is an information technology systems integrator with services ranging from system design, provision of full internet access, Network (LAN, Intranet) installation, training, creation of  Home Pages, maintenance of Web Sites, and metadatabase.

Philippines' Virtual Plenary

             The development of a Philippines Virtual Plenary Network is envisioned to play a significant role in providing the venue for consensus building and concurrently, in meeting the existing and future demand for information, knowledge sharing and acquisition, including coordination amongst key stakeholders in the Philippines' policy development environment.

            The initiative has the following objectives:  to establish the PVP Network, to increase broad based multi-stakeholder participation and dialogue, and provide a learning environment, promoting the sharing of knowledge, experiences and resources.

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Case Study: Large Scale Mining in a Subanen Tribal Area in Siocon

          The case study is of a large-scale mining activity in an area in the southern Philippines that have been the ancestral domain of a small sub-group of indigenous peoples (Subanen), forested, a watershed, rich in biodiversity, and wracked in conflict. This study done by the PSDN team seeked to extract lessons from the case relating to the linkage of resource utilization and governance issues on mining, forestry, biodiversity, water, and indigenous cultures.

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