Crash Course in Webmastering
          The Philippine Sustainable Development Network Foundation, Inc. (PSDN) conducts regularly a training course on how to develop and create Web Pages. This training is aimed at encouraging organizations to make information available on the Net.


          Dubbed as "A Crash Course in Webmastering", the course is designed to enable computer-adept individuals to develop and publish Web Pages, and to give one’s organization the capacity to tap the Internet and the World Wide Web in promoting the organization and its work.

The participants from various agencies/organizations completes the one-day lecture/demonstration with hands-on exercises. The training design also gives emphasis on the rudiments of putting up an organizational web site. At the end of the course, the participants are able to develop prototype web pages that will be hosted in the PSDN web site at


          The PSDN conducts webmastering course annually to encourage organizations not only to make their information available on-line, but also to give them the knowledge to update such information.




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