The Unified Urban Poor has a network of professional, advocates, organizations
and individuals concerned with the upliftment of the urban poor.
This serves as a ready pool of human resources for various programs and activities.

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Unified Urban Poor (UUP), Inc.
Postal Address:
c/o KASECO, 15 Kasiyahan St. Don Antonio Heights, Bgy. Holy Spirit, Quezon City, Philippines
Office Address:
Palanas D, Bgy. Vasra, Dist. 1, Quezon City
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cell phone no. 0918-724-3467

The Organization

Chairperson / Contact Person :  NORMAN LAHORRA

Its Beginnings

        The past decade witnessed efforts to unite the diverse urban poor organizations in the National Capital Region. These efforts bore alliances like Ugnayan ng Maralitang Lunsod, Coalition of the Urban Poor Against Poverty and Urban Poor Forum. For several reasons these formations did not prosper and eventually disintegrated.

        In April 25, 1994, the Urban Poor Consultative Forum sponsored the Urban Poor Leaders - Advocates Unity Assembly at Trinity College, Quezon City. The Assembly aimed at uniting the leaders of different poor organizations with the NGO community, government, church as well as the private sector towards the upliftment of the urban poor' s conditions. More than a thousand leaders and prominent individuals participated.

        As an off shoot, a Working Committee was created to continue forging close interaction between urban poor leaders and the advocates so as to find ways of uplifting the people's welfare. Inter-organizational and inter-institutional consultations were held at the municipal and community level.

        As the result of these consultations, on April 22, 1995, in a launching ceremony attended by 7, 538 delegates from various urban poor organizations, was born the Unified Urban Poor or UUP.


        Genuine development is founded upon prosperity without poverty, upon justice for all and upon grass roots democracy. This is development in its most profound meaning --- social progress and empowerment of the majority lived and felt by all.

        To this noble end, the Unified Urban Poor pledges itself. Its sole mission is the advancement of interests of the urban poor. Concretely this translates to decent housing for everybody, jobs for all, free education for the community youth, and efficient delivery of social services to the communities.


        UP envisions a humane and free society, wherein social equality prevails, where participation of the people in governance is ensured while promoting a balanced and sustainable development.


         Towards the fulfillment of our aspiration, UUP commits itself to provide assistance in carrying forward initiatives and concerns of the urban poor; to work for harnessing of their potentials through participatory people’s activities; and to empower the urban poor through building their communities through self-reliance.

Goal and Prespectives

        In response to the depth of poverty, UUP aims to bring about the attainment of a holistic, ecological friendly, and integrated development programs that would address economic productivity and empowerment of the people.


Organizational Development Program
Housing and Basic Services Program
Education and Research Program
Ecological Advocacy Program
Socio-Economic Program
Gender Program

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