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first stop -   Laguna de Bay

Wetlands Caravan:
          Community Lake Forum

Venue: Camarin NPC Guests House at Cavinti, Laguna
Date: 23 May 2006
Partners: Unilever Philippines
  Laguna Lake Development Authority
In cooperation with -
  Municipality of Lumban (Province of Laguna)
  CBK Power Company, Ltd.

      The first of the series, dubbed as the Wetlands Caravan: Community Lake Forum, was focused on Ecotourism in the Laguna de Bay region as an opportunity for livelihood.  Stakeholders from the cluster municipalities of  Cavinti (Laguna), Lucban (Quezon), Lumban (Laguna, Magdalena (Laguna) and Pagsanjan (Laguna) exchanged information and discussed emerging issues relevant to the conservation of Laguna de Bay. 


more pictures of the event
more about the WETLANDS CARAVAN

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