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Wetlands Caravan

      The Wetlands Caravan: The Evolving CEPA Action Plan for the Wise Use of Philippine Wetland  was launched on 02 February 2006 at the Visitors Center of the Ninoy Aquno Parks and Wildlife Nature Center in Quezon City.  Through the Wetlands Caravan, the Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands aims to work with the communities in coming up with localized action plans in achieving the Ramsar Convention's goal of " wise use of wetlands".  It is envisioned to be the venue for exchanging information, building capacities and sharing best practices among different communities.

      To kick off the Wetlands Caravan, four (4) wetland sites that will pilot-test the preparation of local CEPA action plans using the approach introduced by the Wetlands Caravan were identified. These are Laguna de Bay, Taal Lake, Tawi-Tawi coastal area, and Candaba swamp. The series of activities will run throughout the year, with emphasis on the importance of wetlands to livelihood as a means for poverty alleviation.

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     The Wetlands Caravan: Tawi-Tawi Economic and Environment Summit was held on 16-17 September 2006 at the Datu Amilbahar Jaafar Convention Center in Bongao, Tawi-Tawi and was hosted by the Provincial Government of Tawi-Tawi.  With its theme “Bridging Economic and Environment goals:  Key to Sustainable Development”,  the attendees discussed and provided inputs in the development of a provincial environment and economic development framework that will serve as the developmental direction of the province of Tawi-Tawi.  ”We commit to care for and nurture the Earth, our only home, and especially our beloved Tawi-Tawi, and abide by the intent and spirit of the Tawi-Tawi Provincial Environment Code, so that we may achieve our common vision of a healthy environment and sustainable economic development for the present and future generations of Tawi-Tawians” - the manifesto of commitment was signed by the 191 representatives of the LGU’s, NGA’s, NGO’s, donor institutions, academe, and other sectors.

     The summit was one of the strategies laid out in the Provincial Executive and Legislative Agenda with the aim of decreasing poverty incidence by  5% and reduction of  unemployment by 5% and be at par with the rest of Mindanao by 2010.

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Ecological Youth Camp

       To celebrate Oceans Month of the Philippines (May) and World Environment Day (5 June), an Ecological Youth Camp was conducted at the Mindanao State University-TCTO Parade Ground last 5 and 6 June 2004.  The 2-day Ecological Youth Camp, aptly dubbed as Kilos Kabataan Para sa Karagatan, was a play and learn activity participated in by 29 boys and girls from of Grade 6 to second year high school level from the different barangays and schools in Bongao and even from Zamboanga City.  The EcoCamp aimed to provide children the opportunity to appreciate and understand the mangrove, seagrass and coral reef ecosystems and their living and non-living components, raise awareness among the youth of the threats that affect these ecosystems and to generate some positive behavior or actions what the participants as youth of Bongao can do about these.  Since protection of the environment is the concern of everyone regardless of ethic grouping and religious affiliation, in the spirit of integration, the camp had a good mix of Christian, Tausug, Sama and Badjao participants.

       At the end of the EcoCamp, the participants constituted themselves into a Kilusan ng Kabatan para sa Karagatan and pledged to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste materials like plastics, wrappers, and soft drink cans; not to throw wastes into the sea but dispose these properly; conserve water and participate as youth volunteer in IEC activities, coastal clean-up and other conservation activities of NGOs and government agencies. This was witnessed not only by various sector representatives but also by the campers' parents.

       This was spearheaded by the office of the PENRO-DENR, DAF-ARMM and MSU-TCTO Center for Oceanographic Studies, in collaboration with Kabang Kalikasan ng Pilipinas or WWF-Philippines, FISH Project Tawi-Tawi, Tawi-Tawi Divers Club, the Office of the Municipal Mayor of Bongao, and the Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands.

Reported by Mr. Mon Romero

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Participation in the translation project of Ramsar Handbook No. 4

        Ms. Amy Lecciones represented the Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands in the meeting held at the Global Environment Center of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in January 2003.   It was the first meeting for the translation project of Ramsar Handbook No. 4 - "Integrating Wetland Conservation and Wise Use into River Basin Management".   SCPW is one of the organizations invited to participate in the translation project.

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Participation in the Data Mining Workshop

The Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands and its CLEAR partners participated in a Data Mining Workshop organized by Unilever PLC in cooperation with Global Nature Fund.   The workshop, which was held in London on 13-14 June 2002, aimed to develop a dynamic toolkit based initially on the shared 4-year experience and know-how gathered in joint Living Lakes projects between Unilever companies and NGOs since 1998.  The toolkit will serve as a guide to NGOs and Unilever companies committing to new Living Lake partnerships, helping them to implement best practices.


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Celebration of Fish Conservation Week

        As a fitting culmination of the one week celebration of the FISH CONSERVATION WEEK with the theme: “The Stake of the Youth in our Seas and other Aquatic Resources”, the WWF-Philippines and the Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands (through its former president Mr. Filemon G. Romero), organized an On the Spot Essay Writing Contest held at the Conference Room of the Administration Bldg. of the MSU-TCTO Sanga-Sangao, Bongao Tawi-Tawi last October 21, 2005.  This was in cooperation with the BFAR-Tawi-Tawi PFO, FISH Project, MSU-TCTO, Local Government Support Program for ARMM, and Rotary Club of Tawi-Tawi.

      The aim of the celebration was to raise the awareness and motivate our young people to do their share in protecting, conserving and properly managing the coastal resources we have today so that the future generations will still continue to benefit from the bounty of our seas. For the essay contest it aimed to discover the innate talents of students in expressing themselves in an expository essay format in either English or in the national language and encourage students to further enhance their writing abilities.

      The participating schools were MSU Preparatory High School, Notre Dame of Bongao, MSU TCTO Science High School, Tawi-Tawi School of Arts and Trade, Tawi-Tawi Regional Agricultural College Laboratory High School, Maharlika Institute of Technology High School, and Abubakar Computer Learning Center High School.  Winners were awarded cash prizes and trophies for the respective schools.

winner of the essay writing (english category)

winner of essay writing (filipino category)
Reported by Mr. Mon Romero

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Bird Watching in Naujan Lake

       The Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands has identified that field visits to wetlands in the country be among its priority activities.  Aimed at promoting appreciation of the many functions and services of a wetland, this activity is done at least once a year. 

       This year, the bird watching activity was held last 21-22 February 2004 at Lake Naujan, Mindoro Oriental.  It has shown that such an activity is effective in communicating awareness for the conservation of important wetlands such as Lake Naujan.

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Attendance to the Living Lakes Conference and the World Summit on Sustainable Development

         China played host to the 11th Living Lakes Conference which was held on 29 October to 02 November 2006 at Nanchang City.  Ms. Amy Lecciones, who was the conference director of last year's Living Lakes Conference held here in the Philippines, presented during the General Meeting of the network members the "Follow Up on the 10th Living Lakes Conference", while Ms. Lennie Borja (representing Laguna Lake Development Authority) during the conference had a presentation on "Establishment of Sustainable Forms of Aquaculture".

        The Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands was one of the official Philippine delegates to the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) held on 26 August to 04 September 2002 at Johannesburg, South Africa.  At the Water Dome on 29 August 2002, Ms. Amy Lecciones presented the CLEAR Partnership as one of the strategies for managing lakes during the WSSD's side event on "Sustainable Management and Restoration of Wetlands and Lakes:  Examples from the Living Lakes Network".

Living Lakes Network booth at the Water Dome

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National Report on Wetlands

      Three consultation-workshops on wetlands were jointly conducted by the Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau and the Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands for the preparation of the National Report on Wetlands for submission to the Ramsar Convention.  The first was on 04 March 2002 with the Sub-Committee on Biodiversity of the Philippine Council for Sustainable Development at Cavite.  On 11 March 2002 at Pampanga, the second consultation-workshop was conducted for the Luzon Group.  The third was held in Cebu City on 18 March 2002 for the Visayas and Mindanao Region.

Workshop-Consultation on Philippine Wetlands

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      The Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA), Unilever Philippines, Inc. and the Society for the Conservation of Wetlands, Inc. (SCPW) forged an agreement to undertake Project CLEAR ( Conservation of Laguna de Bay's Environment and Resources).  The signing of the Memorandum of Agreement was held on 07 June 2001 at the Cafe Español, Manila with the DENR Secretary Heherson Alvarez as the Guest of Honor.

C L E A R       The objective of the tripartite partnership is to organize a concrete partnership which will ensure the continuity of efforts to conserve the resources of Laguna de Bay, and empower and educate communities within its watershed. 

      The objective of the tripartite partnership is to organize a concrete partnership which will ensure the continuity of efforts to conserve the resources of Laguna de Bay, and empower and educate communities within its watershed. 

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